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The Art on the Bottle

More Than Just A Label.  The Art On Haff's Hot Sauce.

Haff's Hot Sauce is very lucky to know so many talented artists.  Haff's is made in Ohio and we want to show off more than just our flavors.  We also want to showcase some of the great work coming from Ohio artists.  Not only do you get a bottle of delicious sauce, you also get a work of art.



The logo was designed by BJ Watson.  A very talented artist and potter now located in Huntingdon, PA.  She grew up in Dover, Ohio and continues to create  amazing works all the time.  She has given Haff's the iconic skull and crosspeppers you see on every bottle, business card, and sticker.  Check out her work at


Mari Lwyd is a piece created by Heather Rose from Smoke&Honey. Visit to see and purchase some of her amazing artwork! 


Killer Pickle was designed by David Sherrill.  He is an artist that lives in Canton, OH that owns Arrowhead Vintage.  He is an expert painter of thrift paintings.  More info when he gets me a proper bio. 

  Killer Kiwi

By Tim Eakin

Tim Eakin is an amazing artist and tattoo artist in Canton, OH.  His surreal and terrifying imagery was the jump start to all the imagery that is being used for our labels.  He blew us away with these monstrous birds and trippy art.  Check out more of Tim's art at


By Dana Joy

Dana Joy is an artist and Tattoo artist that grew up in Midvale, Ohio.  She now resides in Seattle, WA.  Sugar Rush Peach and Indigo Fire have their intriguing and amazing labels thanks to her support and vision. 

By Josh McHenry

Josh McHenry is a chicken farmer and Musician from Stone Creek, Ohio.  He somehow found the time in between gathering eggs and gigging to draw a hateful pineapple.







By Byrd Meese

 Byrd is an enigma that wants no bio.  So mysterious.  She has given us the masterpieces that adorn Hot Tropic and The Old Razzle Dazzle.    






 Trippy Pickle
by Jared Gonzalez 
Trippy Pickle launces February 2021.  This out of this world design was done by the talented and super rad Jared Gonzalez from Cosmitropics. to see more of his work.  


 By Sarah Dugger

The artwork for Maine Squeeze was created by Sarah Dugger.  She is an amazing artist that works with textiles and murals in Dover, OH.