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Recipes and Ideas for what to use Haff's on

Boiler Maker Chili Painapple Style 

Instant pot ribs with Haff's follow this recipe and and a healthy dose of your favorite flavor of Haff's to the BBQ sauce step. 

Add a few splashes to your salad for a healthier alternative to normal dressing.

Mix in Indigo Fire or Painapple with mayo or cream cheese to make a great dipping sauce.

Hot wings using your favorite Haff's Hot Sauce. Use Indigo Fire or  Razzle Dazzle

Painapple Crab Meat Scramble. I add a drizzle of painapple and more cheese.  

Sugar Rush Peach goes great on pork chops.  You can even dip them and coat them after pan frying for an even hotter more delicious kick.  

Alton Brown's Peach upside-down cakes with Sugar Rush Peach sauce. 

Add some Trippy Pickle to your devilled eggs in the filling or on top.  Or both for extreme pickle delight.

Painapple is great for stir fry or mixed in butter on popcorn. 



Trippy Pickle and Killer Pickle are great in Bloody Mary's.  Thanks to LBN for the amazing video.